Recipe Note Cards by Pengwynn PrintsIn an age of instant texts, tweets, and emails, we believe the handwritten note is a special and personal gift!

PenGwynnPrints offers a unique line of Recipe Note Cards.

The designs on the note cards are calligrams; the image is created by the words of a recipe. The note cards have a design on the front, are blank inside, and have the recipe printed on the back.

Several years ago, I submitted one of my fish designs to an art exhibit. I had matted and framed it to be hung as wall art.

When it generated interest, I felt I had stumbled onto a way to turn my dream of owning a card company into a reality; I could use my designs on note cards! That was the start of PenGwynnPrints!

I gradually expanded the number of designs to include seafood and fruit. The design work and the recipe experiments went hand in hand. Sometimes the idea for a shape would come first and sometimes the recipe would.

As I continue to develop new designs, I am convinced that personal notes will always be special!

I hope you like our cards and enjoy the recipes!

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